30+1 Resilient Stories
by Michael H. Ballard

30+1 Resilient Stories is a collection of powerful stories of resilience written by inspirational contributors from all walks of life. Venture through these pages and get ready to feel enlightened as each co-author pours their heart(s) into expressing the greatest depths of their journey(s):

  • From trauma to triumph
  • Feeling hopeless to becoming uplifted
  • Being stuck to finding peace
  • Feeling lost to finding one’s path
  • From going almost bankrupt to become a millionaire
  • From tears of pain to tears of joy
  • Processing grief to celebrating and honouring the lives of the ones we love
  • From low-self esteem to confidence in our authentic selves
  • Avoidance to acceptance
  • And stagnancy to resiliency

These stories were written to uplift and inspire. Take a journey with our authors as they share the most vulnerable aspects of themselves and hone in on how they have learned to become resilient on their path.

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